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Sanctus Seminary is refining, re-focusing and re-dedicating to the future. We ask for your assistance and input to help and guide us onward.

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Chancellors Notes


Too long now we've attempted to be all things  to everyone and lost fous of our original focus. We've listened and prayed 

Sanctus Seminary Introduction Video.. all New Video!

Sanctus Seminary Introduction Video

We created a new video to re-introduce you to the Seminary.

About Us

Dedicated Educators


We're changing to meet the demands of a new paradigm in pastoral studies & requirements for religious education. Sanctus  Theological Institute has grown smaller since it's founding in 1998. Owing to the economy & our presence as a leader in On-Line Education we seek to refine our service to those who seek a more focused  religious education.

First-Rate Curriculum


We're a wellspring of inspiration and encouragement; providing opportunities or educational and spiritual growth. Founded in late 1998, Along with our Board of Advisors we are without jurisdictional or denominational agenda, preferring to serve Individuals and small faith communities on an individual basis.

Explore all aspects of the Faith with our E-Books and material


Sanctus Seminary reaches the adult seminarian who is in active ministry or bi-vocational work. We function to provide a real world training and learning experience. Our materials and manuals are written by actual clergy and Scholars. Along with an extensive video library.

Pastoral Formation Material

Parts 1 & 2 of Manual of Formation

by Sanctus Seminary

A Pastoral Formation vol.1 & 2 (pdf)


Minister's Manual (pdf)


Pastoral Care Training Manual new for ebook (pdf)


Franciscan Fr. Richard Rohr on Spiritual Direction (pdf)


The Wounded Healer as a Spiritual Guide (Henri Nouwen) - Soul Shepherding (pdf)


CopyofDoorstotheSacredCOMPILED (pdf)


Sacrament of Confession in a new light (pdf)


Saying the Prayers For The World2 (pdf)


My Struggle with Faith - Unknown (pdf)


The Jesus Prayer essays by Fredrica Matt - Unknown (pdf)


A Contemporary Order of Mass Ecumenical - Jim Waters (pdf)


Basic Level Pastoral Counseling course c - Jim Waters (pdf)


Catholicism for the Present Future - Unknown (pdf)


An Incarnational Third Way for Christian - Jim Waters (pdf)


Church Administration Manual website - Donna (pdf)


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In 1998-99, STI began as a small seminary for those seeking programs tailored to their lives,needs and ministries. Fr. Jim was completing his own studies for the Ministry. As an Emmy Winning Documentary Maker. With laptop in hand, he studied where he could! Professors were willing to assist him and even help him form a new means of study. Travel opened doors to well known scholars and clergy, intrigued by this new paradigm in education.

Sanctus Theological Institute and Sanctus Seminary

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Online Library in Theology and Ministry

Online Library Theological - Reference Works Online - NTSLibrary.com (pdf)


Internet Religion Index--- Massive and Complete (pdf)


Categories – Religion Online (pdf)


Sanctus Blog

Sanctus Seminary will endeavor to write something each week to keep you up on new material we're adding to our library.   

We're working hard on a major new course of study in Sacramental Theology. .we have a great deal of information and E-books ready to go and will upload this to the site this week. 

also..we're working on new videos too.

Sanctus is encouraged by the input we've received and are trying to expand our offererings while cutting out on the ecess material not really needed.  

Fr. Jim

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